Doctor, Doctor

This year has been especially trying for me and my girls. In between having to buy a new car, a new computer, and dealing with my first speeding ticket, all three of us have had serious medical issues that have required numerous doctor's visits. Believe me, none of us have enjoyed visiting the doctor, and my bank account hasn't either!

Last week it was Daphne's turn, again. The first time she developed a minor eye infection in her paralyzed eye, but this time it was a bit more serious. She had developed a bladder infection through, we think, stress. The diagnosis: antibiotics and a stress free home. That might be a little tricky, especially with all of the company we are going to be welcoming into our home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. But, I am going to try to keep everything as stress free as possible.

I am so glad I watch my girls like a hawk. Some say I am too protective and that the girls are totally spoiled (which they totally are), but doing so lets me pay attention to any little change in their behavior. According to the vet, bladder infections are hard to determine. I was lucky to have noticed Daphne going in and out of the litter boxes constantly, which she never does. I went online and read that is the first sign of a bladder/UTI infection. Since she had only started to have the symptoms the infection wasn't that bad, thank goodness.

After four full days of medicine, she is finally starting to get better (this infection was a doozy) and back to her normal routine, like hanging out on the cat condo.

Because of all of the numerous and bizarre medical issues we've had this year, I've had to keep the medical records close by. I have a medical records folder where I file all of our older paperwork, but I needed something for the paperwork that is still in use. So, I decided to make a little first aid magnet for my refrigerator.

It was so super easy and fast to make, and is turning out to be very useful. All I have to do is glance at the refrigerator and my eyes are immediately drawn to the bright red magnet. Now I know exactly where Daphne's paperwork is. What a lifesaver!


  1. That magnet is a fantastic idea!
    I think my cat only gets sick when I'm getting low on funds. What can you do, poor babies.

    It sounds like you've had a time of it! Here's to stress free, smooth and easy sailing and no more unexpected expenses!

  2. I'll have you know I've been on listening to this-certain-completely-random-don't-know-why-it's-stuck-in-my-head Robert Palmer song about a dozen times today. ;)

  3. Oh dear, I read this post and half way through it, realized your girls are your kitty cats. When I came to the part about the litter box is when I figgered it out.
    So I am laughing at myself.
    Your cats have a fabulous cat tower and scratching post. I am thinking of buying one for my cats.