Works in Progress

Today was supposed to be a post about the first of three craft room projects I have been working on, but Tropical Storm Ida had other plans. It has been so dark, gloomy, and rainy lately that I just can't seem to get any good pictures. The good news for this area is that we really need the rain, so I'm not complaining.

So as long as Ida is visiting, I thought I'd share with you how my days (and nights) will be spent from now until December 24.

1. Purple crocheted wrap with button closure

2. Red, white, and green Christmas pompom garland (completed)

3. Felt Christmas stocking for Daphne

4. Felt Christmas stocking for Drusilla

5. Felt Christmas stocking for me

6. Two (or three) mini felt Christmas trees

7. Paper "Merry Christmas" banner

8. Three crocheted washcloths

9. Craft table skirt

10. Christmas present for Mom a secret since she reads this blog

11. Christmas present for sister that I still haven't decided

12. Felt pillow

13. Handmade Christmas cards

Whew! That is a lot to do in only 6 weeks. I have faith I'll get it done, or at least most of it. Rainy weather is the best crafting weather. :)


  1. Even though you showed how to do it, I'm totally intimidated about making a works in progress section for my blog. I think if I saw all I had to do (or, wanted to do) I'd freak! But you're right, the rainy weather makes for good crafting time (as does the snowy)...good luck with all that!

  2. I went to a Christmas Bazaar today and saw a sign that said, "Rain, rain please stay so I can play another day." It actually had a picture of a little boy in raingear but before I saw the image I totally thought it was for crafters!

    Number 10 made me laugh. :) Looking forward to seeing the crocheted wrap. Sounds pretty!

  3. Your list of Christmas projects is delightful and very impressive.
    You and your family are going to have a gorgeous Christmas, I can tell.