Christmas Time is Near

So I noticed this morning that there are only 8 more days left to shop (and craft) for Christmas! Yikes!!!

I am working feverishly on my three Christmas stockings. Mine is almost done, but Daphne's and Drusilla's are far from being ready to be stuffed. Now you know what I'll be doing most of this weekend. :)

I'm also working on two simple Christmas craft tutorials. I'll be posting both early next week, or this weekend if I get them done early. I am in the process of redoing all of my tutorials, to make them a little easier to read and print out. That is one of my goals for 2010: to change all of my tutorials into PDFs. I only have one completed so far, so it is progressing very slowly!

Also, thanks to everyone who responded about my Blogger issue, especially Julia from The Spotted Sparrow. I took her advice and changed my settings. I am not getting that much spam anymore. Thanks so much, Julia!


  1. Um yes. That "8 days left" struck me as well just last night and so I made a list of things I HAVE to accomplish today to be done on time. Thank you lists! :)

    Glad your changed settings are helping! I got two spam messages a few weeks ago and so anonymous users can no longer leave comments and I haven't had any more trouble *knock on wood*

  2. Yay, I'm glad the spammers are gone! Happy crafting. :)