On My Hook

I love The Spotted Sparrow's "On My Desk" posts so much. It is always fun to see what WIPs she is working on. Have you seen her '80s New Wave Victorian cards? They are awesome!

Though I don't use my desk all of the time for my crafting, I do always have something on my crochet hook. So, being inspired by Julia's series, here are a few projects I have on my hooks:

My little groundhog for PlanetJune's Groundhog-Along is starting to come along. I hope it will look more like a head once I get his ears on. Maybe I'll adjust his nose a little too.

The beginning of a shawl I am making. I am way behind schedule on this one, but am bound and determined to finish it this weekend!

Also, as you can see there is no WIP for my big bow cardigan. I have been holding off starting it until I finish the shawl. Just one more reason why the shawl must get done this weekend. :)

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