#51, #53, and #61 of 101 in 1001 Days

I finished a few items on my 101 in 1001 Days list.

#51 - Take a daily vitamin & vitamin D supplement

I am the world's worst person when it comes to taking vitamins. I'm not sure what is worse the smell, the size of the pills, or the upset stomach I get from taking them! But when my doctor told me I HAVE to start to take a multi vitamin plus a vitamin D supplement, I figured I better get with the program and learn to take them.

One A Day VitaCraves Gummies courtesy of Walgreens

My mom found these gummy vitamins for me, and boy are they good! The vitamins come in three flavors: blueberry, cherry, and orange. I like the blueberry the best because I am really not a fan of cherry or orange, but they are all really good. Watch out for the blueberry though. The color comes off on your tongue!

I would recommend these to anyone who hates taking vitamins. They are easy to take, taste great, and give you all the daily vitamins you need.

I also found gummy Vitamin D supplements. They are even better!

#53 - See the musical Wicked

I actually saw Wicked a few weeks ago and it was awesome!

If you have the opportunity to see it it definitely do. The story is a little weird, but the songs are great. And, the performers for my show were even better than the originals on Broadway!

#61- Hire pest control to spray entire house

We had a little bit of an ant situation last weekend. Unfortunately, they like to eat Daphne and Drusilla's food, so it was time to call the bug man.

He fixed the problem by putting down gel in the kitchen. But after last year with Drusilla being poisoned I am so paranoid about everything, so I made a barrier around the gel with my cookbooks to keep the girls away from it.

Daphne is oblivious to it, but Drusilla keeps sniffing around the books. The bug man said it should be taken care of within a week, so I am thinking of scraping off the gel this weekend. I DO NOT want Drusilla getting sick again, but I want to make sure the ants are all gone too. Good grief!

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