Tattoos, murder, and my old neighborhood

Yesterday I posted about the TV shows I watched during the days of my 2 week bout with the flu. Though the daytime shows were all sweet kids shows, at night I went from Disney's cute and funny to TLC's and A&E's butt kicking reality shows. I guess I needed a little grit and grime yin to my squeaky clean yang.

Thinking back now that was really strange. I must have been delirious because I really hate reality shows. But, I watched several of them with mini marathons too: LA Ink, The First 48, and my favorite Police Women of Broward County. All three were very interesting.

LA Ink courtesy of TLC

The first, LA Ink was about Kat Von D, a tattoo artist, and her tattoo shop. It was full of really cool tattoos and drama! As a non tattooed person, it was really interesting to see what tattoos people chose and for what reason. A lot of people had memorial tattoos of someone who had died, while others had their children and animals. I love my girls, but I don't think I could have them tattooed on my body!

One of the episodes had one of my all time favorite singers in it, Johnette Nopalitano former lead singer of Concrete Blonde. Apparently Kat loves Concrete Blonde too and had a picture of Johnette tattooed on her. It was an awesome tattoo!
The First 48 courtesy of A&E

The First 48 was pretty graphic, but very interesting. It takes the viewers through the first 48 hours after a crime is committed. All of the episodes I saw were murders, so I'm not sure if other crimes are shown too. The murders were pretty gross, and watching it with the flu was probably not that great of an idea. I had to turn the channel a few times when it got too gross, but then again Quiznos and Kentucky Fried Chicken commercials made me turn the channel too!

It was cool to see actual police and forensics people working on a case. I see it all the time on NCIS and CSI, but to see the tiny interrogation rooms and the cubicles the police officers used was really different than on the fake TV shows. And maybe it was the flu taking over, but I felt bad for everyone on the show: the police officers, victims, victim's families, and even the murderers and their accomplices, especially when they started to cry. I guess I wouldn't make a very good cop.

Police Women of Broward County courtesy of TLC

The last show was my favorite, the Police Women of Broward County. Why? Because I grew up there.

My favorite part of the show was when they would start a new segment, kind of like Cops, and flash the street names they were driving down. It was funny to see the streets I drove down for 20+ years. And then it got a little scary when one episode showed the police picking up drug dealers at a "known drug spot" which happened to be the street where I used to walk to go to my high school.

Very eye opening!

So, after 2 weeks of non stop TV, I am now officially TV'd out! I am ready to leave the TV off, turn on my iPod, and pick up my hook and needle again. Hopefully I can get some of my WIPs done this week, of course unless there is another Police Women of Broward County mini marathon on! :)


  1. Whaaaaaaaaaat. Seeing crime happening in places you haunt or did haunt is ALWAYS freaky. That's why I can only handle a few Ann Rule books per year because a bunch of the crime happened in places I go or did go. Guh.

    I've seen the First 48 a few times and it really is a reality check.

    I remember seeing Kat Von D on some other tattoo show...can't remember now what it was. Her portrait tattoos are amazing!

  2. Kat Von D was on Miami Ink and was so popular that she got her own show. We are not tattooed either but her show is interesting. That stupid front counter girl gets on my nerves though. Trivia - Kat was married to Jessie James who is now married to Sandra Bullock. Kat and Jessie have a daughter that she has lost custody of on more or less a permanent basis. Very sad.

    I love The First 48! It's amazing to see the real cops in action after so many, many years of TV cops. There was a follow up show a couple of weeks ago that showed what happened a a lot of the trials. Not all of them were slam dunks.

    Glad you are feeling better!