When life gives you a lemon. . . (Destash-Along Project #4)

For over a year now I have been dealing with a lemon of a car. I won't bore you with all of the details, but let's just say my car has been in and out of the shop for seven different problems in a 12 month span, all related to a faulty electrical system. So, I classify my car as a lemon. My car dealership thinks differently, though the manufacturer just issued a huge recall on several of their cars. And, I just found out that the major issue for the recall might be related to the electrical system. Duh!

Unfortunately, I will be heading to arbitration in the next few weeks and then possibly to court. I have never sued or have ever thought of suing anyone before this, but now I am on the verge of retaining an attorney and suing my car company. It is such a shame that companies no longer take pride in their work. Where are the old days when "the customer is always right"? Now, it is all about legal departments and law suits.

So, I might be a little scatterbrained for the next few weeks. I am really not sure what this entire process is going to entail and how it is going to affect me (I already have a twitching eye and a stiff neck), but I vow to keep my #1 New Year's resolution of staying positive.

To take away a little of the pressure, I have made myself a little crocheted lemon car.

This little lemon will serve as a reminder for me to not take this situation too seriously. Life is good and, hopefully, very soon my lemon will be nothing but a distant memory!
. . . . . . . . . . .

My little lemon car used 100% of my stash. I have so much of this yellow yarn that I might have to make several dozen of these little lemons!

I am working on a Jan/Feb photo compilation of completed destash-along projects. If you have finished any, please add your pics to the Flickr group or send me a link to your post with your finished project. I'll grab your picture from your blog.


  1. Sorry to hear of your car issues, but your lemon came out really cute!

  2. what an adorable lemon car! Hope it brings you luck with your real car...

  3. Sorry about your car issues. Been there done that! ugh.

    I'd put a little velcro on the bottom and put it on the dashboard!

  4. I love your lemon car! Way to keep your sense of humor! Good luck with all of that. As you see in the news, you're not the only one having car problems!

  5. That sounds like a nightmare. I hope it all goes quickly and smoothly. I love the lemon car! Um, the yarn one, of course. ;-)

  6. Oh my! You poor thing, having to deal with all that s*#t! It's annoying huh? But you're right, don't take it to heart! Take it seriously, but don't take it to heart! I love your lemon car! If you make a dozen more, I would just LOVE one!! lol I have to be honest!!