Spring green grass wreath (Destash-Along project #10)

March 31, 2010

It is that time of year again, time for super cute spring projects!

As soon as I saw this tutorial for a yarn green grass wreath on Capture the Details I knew I had to make one, or two. :)

I think it turned out so cute. This wreath is heading off to Florida as an Easter present, but I am already hard at work making a second one for myself.

I had some of the items for this project, while others I really had to search for. The yarn in particular was extremely hard for me to find. I'm not sure if it is just the stores in my area, but it appears they are no longer carrying fun fur. While I usually hate working with fun fur because of it's texture, this project really needs the wispy yarn.

I finally found 2 skeins on Ravelry. I had no idea you could buy yarn on Ravelry, but it was so easy I think I'll be checking there first when I am searching for yarn. Plus, I got a fantastic deal on them too!

The project also called for a green Styrofoam wreath. I only had a white one, so I improvised and wrapped my wreath in green felt. This step took a long time cutting, pulling, and pinning the felt around the wreath, but it made it a whole lot easier when I started wrapping the yarn.

Wrapping the yarn was also time consuming, but I did it while watching The Big Bang Theory so it wasn't all that bad.

For the flowers, I bought a roll of pink and white flowered trim and used pink pins that I had in my pin cushion. Amazingly enough, I had just enough pink pins for the project (which is why there aren't more flowers). I will have to head to the craft store for my wreath since I used them all up on this wreath.

The final step was the ribbon. I really wanted to use a wider ribbon, but I didn't have one. So, thinking destash-along I used a ribbon from my stash.

Ta Da! I really like it. If you can find the supplies I suggest everyone make one of these. It is a very simple project and super, super cute!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

For this destash-along project I used 70% of my stash: wreath, green felt, pink pins, and pink ribbon.

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  1. I've noticed the disappearance of fun fur as well!

    And I finally remembered to set the DVR for The Big Bang Theory - it totally made me laugh!

    This is really, really cute - it just looks like spring!

  2. That is adorable!

    Haven't looked for fun fur cause knitting it was a [insert not nice word here]!

  3. your wreath turned out so cute! i'm glad you liked my tutorial!
    xo, patty :-)

  4. cute wreath!! I should have plenty of cat hair I can share, Peaches is shedding! Thanks for the link, added you too, purrs....


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