What a great idea

Oh Martha! You are so clever.

I am terrible when it comes to measurements: quarts and liters and cups, oh my! But Martha Stewart has helped me out yet again with this cook's helper download.

Close your eyes Mom, Mel, Maria. . . You might see this on your Christmas present this year! I just need to buy a laminating machine. Too bad I still don't work at Blockbuster!


  1. Missie, that stinky Martha has a whole bunch of neat-o things like that. I have her pie shaped pie chart!!

    I have a little teeny laminator and I love it!!!

  2. Thanks for the link! I could totally use one of these myself!!

  3. What a fun idea! I could really use one of these, too. I always have to look those things up.

  4. That is fan-dang-tastic! I totally need that. And there's a little print shop in town that will laminate it for me. :)