Alternative granny square pattern

April 20, 2010

So, I now realize how clueless I really am about granny squares. Little did I know that most granny square blankets are actually comprised of many, many more than 20 squares. Oops!

I also didn't realize how hard it would be to locate other 20 granny square projects, but I did locate at least one more.

I believe this pattern is a baby blanket, but might work as a lapghan too. Note that if you choose to crochet this pattern, it is written in British English. You will need to convert it to US terms, which isn't very hard.

Just thought I'd give you an alternative to the La Push Blanket for the granny along. :)

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  1. If someone wanted to use this pattern and even still make just 20 squares, they could always just make the squares bigger. This is a very traditional granny and you'll see once you start you can just add more and more rows to the square to make it bigger.

    Here's a good tutorial with the US terms:

  2. Oh lia! You were reading my mind. I need to learn how I can join the crochet along!

    And thanks missy for providing the alt pattern. I think I'll learn how then just make a bunch and put 'em together. Who knows what size cover I'll end up with!

  3. What a funny blog title and subline! Love it!


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