How I Met My House

I thought it would be fun to join Our Suburban Cottage's How I Met My House blog party, and tell my story about how I met my house. So here it goes. . .

In 2006, I was living in an apartment with a neighbor from hell above me. She was loud, obnoxious, and just plain mean. So, I decided I needed to move. At first I thought of moving to another apartment, but when I realized I could have another horrible neighbor above me I started looking at houses.

Around Thanksgiving of that year I started researching houses online. As I was looking through the pages and pages of listings, a really cute, white and black 2-story house caught my eye.

Unfortunately, it was only a 2 bedroom, had no garage, and it was quite a drive from my job, so I dismissed it and the area and focused on listings that were closer to my job.

Being that I was looking for my very first house, I enlisted the help of a local realtor. She was assigned to me because of my location, and that was it. Unfortunately, she was more concerned about her brand new Lexus and her gigantic diamond engagement ring than she was of finding me a house. If I can offer any advise to first time home buyers, here it is. . . FIND A GOOD REALTOR!!! Even if you have to try out several before you settle on one, it is really worth it.

I told her that I had several requirements when looking for my house: 2-story, non ranch style, garage, lots of windows for Drusilla (I didn't have Daphne then), nice neighborhood, 3 bedrooms, not too far from work, and in my price range. I thought that was easy and I'd find a house in no time.

Every weekend for four months we looked at listings I had found online, she never once offered a listing of her own. She did though drive me through a specific area each week: KB Homes. She told me they were great for first time homeowners. Then, she told me off the record, she got perks for selling the homes. Well, when I heard that I knew she wasn't looking for a house for me but a kickback for herself.

I was so angry at her trying to push a certain area and type of home on me that I went back online and started looking at listings in farther away areas.

After several hours of searching, I was shocked and super excited to find the same cute, white and black, 2-story house from Thanksgiving was still available. I emailed her and asked if she would meet me there after work. She said she was too busy with her kid's baseball games and she wouldn't be able to do it for two weeks. I think she said this because she wanted me in a KB Home and this was not one. So, I called up the seller's realtor, set up an appointment, and met her the next night to look at the house.

As soon as I walked inside I knew this was my house. The downstairs was open with plenty of windows for Drusilla. It made the house so nice and bright, which is something I really wanted. I had lived my entire childhood in a house that was constantly dark, so to have a bright living room was awesome.

As much as I loved the living room, the kitchen is what sold me on the house. It was so much bigger than any kitchen I had ever lived in, plus it had an island with cabinets!

Daphne loves the kitchen too!

All of the appliances and cabinets are white, and there are several more windows in the kitchen, which makes the room nice and bright too.

And outside is a nice backyard deck.

I just love my big, red deck!

A month later I moved out of my apartment and away from the neighbor from hell, and into my super cute, white and black, 2-story house!!!

I did have to compromise on a few things, but overall it was worth it. And still, three years later every weekend I open up the windows for the girls to look out to watch the birds, squirrels, and bunnies. We all love our house!

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  1. Such a cute house and I love the cat on the island. I have four cats and they keep life exciting.

  2. Your house is so cute! I hope I'll have a "how I met my house" story one day.

  3. Now that is one adorable house! I love it. Classic, charming, and bright. Perfect, and YES finding the right realtor means so much!
    Finding the right house? Priceless.

  4. Totally agree on the Realtor advice.

    Your house is adorable!!!

  5. That is such an adorable house (and cat too!).

  6. Your house is so cute. I would have fallen in love with it too.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog today! Please copy my verse reminder idea!Your house is wonderful! I also like your checklist and progress report on your projects. It inspires me!

  8. What a beautiful home! I'm so glad you followed your gut and made sure you ended up in a home you absolutely love. What a horrible experience with your realtor, though. Sheesh!

    Thanks so much for linking to my party!

  9. it is a lovely home. I love the story'll never forget it!

  10. What an adorable story. I am glad you were able to take matters into your own hands and find the house of your dreams! I have actually thought seriously about becoming a real estate agent, and the issues you dealt with with yours just get me fired up and ready to not be THAT agent! Thanks for visiting the other day and welcome back any time :)
    Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont

  11. Your home is adorable! It sounds like you not only had the neighbor from hell, but also the real estate agent from hell! How annoying. We went through 3 of them when we finally found the right real estate agent for us. He was awesome!

  12. I really like your home! Good for you taking matters into your own hands. I think your previous neighbor(s) now live next door to us. UGH! We are desperately trying to get our home finished to we can put it on the market and move.

  13. I really enjoyed reading your house story! You have a lovely house - I'm so glad you didn't let that awful realtor get in the way of you getting such a special home for you and the cats :)

  14. What a great story! I love your house -- if I could, I'd live in a house like that! It looks "old" on the outside, but modern and beautiful on the inside. I always adore photos you share on your blog of your place!