Nasty Pollen Pom Poms (Destash Along Project #12)

North Carolina has been taken over by pollen, and boy is it nasty stuff. Look at what it has done to my newly pained deck.

It looks like its been painted white, or actually light yellow.

Not only is it causing a headache for my deck, but also for me since my allergies are just terrible. And, both girls are having issues with their eyes, which I think is 100% due to this pollen. The good news is it is supposed to rain over the weekend. Hopefully that will get rid of this nasty stuff.

In the meantime, I thought the girls might like to bat around some "pollen", so I made them a few pollen pom poms.

I gave Drusilla the smaller one since she loves to carry small toys around in her mouth. I'm not sure she'll do that with this toy since it is yarn, but she might in a few days. She did play with it for a long time, though.

She first sat on it like an egg.

Then flipped it out, did a somersault, and sat next to it.

That is how she plays with all of her small toys. What a kooky kitty!

Daphne hasn't touched her pollen pom pom. She is still content with her dynamite toy.

She is too funny and never far away from this toy, or the sun. So crazy. :)
. . . . . . . . . . .

For this destash-along project I used 100% of my yellow and gold yarn stash.


  1. They're so cute! (The kitties AND the pom poms) I have a friend who just told me that she put toys out for THE RACCOONS because they stole her cat toys that were in the yard. Apparently, the raccoons in her neighborhood are having a ball these days. Too funny.
    Have a great day, Missie.

  2. Oh my goodness!! I can hardly believe all that pollen!

    I hadn't thought of making little pom poms for the kitties but I have the perfect yarn for this. And I know both the cats will love it.

    Cats just crack me up with their weird "sitting on things"!

  3. It's all yellow over here between Chapel Hill and Pittsboro too! The roof of my mouth itches and my eyes are sooo not happy!

    Our cats are adopted ferals so they go out and back in. The big black one is yellow when he comes in. Wish i knew how to persuade them to be indoor cats!

    Your pom-poms are a hoot as cat toys. Maybe rub the big one in some catnip?

  4. great idea....our kitties love stuff like that so I may have to steal your idea!