Tudor Rose (Destash-Along Project #11)

The final season of The Tudors begins on Sunday and I am super excited to see how Showtime ends it all. Let's see, Henry VIII is on wife #5 now. Ooh, only one more to go!

I do hope Showtime continues with Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth. The young lady who plays Queen Mary (though she is Princess Mary now) on the show is superb!

I just love Tudor history. While majoring in English, I spent most of my time writing and studying British Literature. I didn't declare a minor, instead I chose a time period as a sort of minor. My college called it an emphasis. My emphasis was on the Elizabethan Era, which included the writings and poetry of the era (Shakespeare, of course) and Queen Elizabeth. So, being that Queen Elizabeth was a Tudor, naturally I love all things Tudor.

Have you seen this awesome knitted set of Henry VIII and his wives?

My favorite is wife #2, Queen Elizabeth's mum, Anne Boleyn. Check out what happens to her doll. . .

Pretty gruesome, but clever and cool!

Wife #5, Catherine Howard, doll's head comes off too, as it did back in 1542. I think I know what is going to happen on the show soon. One cool fact: Catherine Howard was a first cousin of Anne Boleyn. I find that super interesting, since they were the only wives that were beheaded.

Henry VIII described Catherine Howard as his "blushing rose without a thorn". So, in honor of wife #5, I whipped up a little Tudor rose ornament.

This ornament was totally spur of the moment, so it is a 100% destash along project. The colors are a little off, but close enough. :)
. . . . . . . . . . . . .

For this destash-along project I used 100% of my stash: red, green, yellow, and white felt scraps; polyfil; matching thread; and black ribbon.


  1. I love your rose! So pretty.

    I wanted to start watching The Tudors but something else was on at the same time. I plan to catch up via the web and/or netflix. English major too with a minor obsession with the history!

  2. Thought the dolls were cute, but when you showed Anne Boleyn, I laughed. Sick, funny humor!

    I have an intersting, but gross bit of information about the two wives beheadings, if you wish. Email me if you want the information;-)