Cookie Puss

Is it me, or does everyone have nicknames for their pets? I very rarely call Drusilla by her real name, instead I call her by one of her many nicknames: baby girl, chickin' lickin', pickle lips! I can't for the life of me remember when I started using these nicknames, but she responds to each and every one of them.

Just recently I have started to call her a new nickname, Cookie Puss. Do you remember Cookie Puss?

This crazy-looking cake person made by Carvel. I don't remember ever having a Cookie Puss cake, though I have had many of their ice cream cakes. Love them!

Well, a little fact about my own little cookie puss is that she is not a fan of having her nails cut, in fact she HATES it! It takes me about a week to clip all of her nails, because she will only let me clip one or two a day.

She is also a smart girl and knows what the clippers look like. As soon as she sees me grab the shiny black clippers, she runs and hides on top of her cat condo.

I have tried to come up with some ingenious way to hide them, but have yet to succeed. So, I decided to make a little felt Cookie Puss clipper case to hide them in.

My hope is that she will be distracted by the little Cookie Puss while I clip her nails.

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