Cooking Basics

May 13, 2010

My dinner cooking is sub par to say the least. I mean I can make spaghetti and turkey hamburgers, but not much more that isn't cooked in a crock pot. So, I am on a mission to learn more advanced and involved dinner meals that I can whip up whenever company comes over. Hopefully, some of them will be vegetarian and healthy too.

A few months ago I made my very first Shepherds Pie.

It turned out awesome, and I felt very proud that I had made something fairly complicated. Well, complicated for me is anything that requires more than 4 ingredients.

So, last weekend I went through all of my cookbooks and chose an even more complicated recipe. . . Homemade Chicken Pot Pies.

This recipe not only required multiple ingredients and several pots and pans, but also required me to bake frozen pastry dough for the first time. 

The final outcome. . .

A really tasty and pretty chicken pot pie. The pastry dough fit perfectly on top of my brand new Crate and Barrel ramekins, and was just enough "crust" for the pot pie.

Now what to try next? Maybe my sister's Penne Arrabiata. It takes forever to make (last time she made it I supervised), but it is super tasty. Or a BBQ chicken pizza from Gooseberry Patch. The pizza should be easier now that I know how to work with frozen dough. :)

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  1. I love cooking homemade chicken pot pie.

  2. I love chicken pot pie -- why have I never made it? Your ramekins are so cute!


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