Granny Along Week #3

Welcome to week 3 of the granny along.

So, how were the first few granny squares? Any issues? I had the hardest time with row 2 of the La Push pattern. But after 4 tries I finally figured it out. Once I got over that hurdle, the rest of the square was a piece of cake.

Now get ready, we are going to up the square count this week. :)

Week 3 task: crochet 3 granny squares; post pictures of your squares or your progress

Extra task: tell a little about your favorite crochet blog/website. Don't forget to include a link to the site so we can visit too!
. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Well, I am proud to post a picture of my very first completed granny square.

It is not pretty, especially the lower left hand corner, but it is done! It is a lot bigger than I had anticipated too, but that is what I really wanted to learn so it is fine.

I really don't know why it took me so long to get the hang of this, but I'm glad I have one completed to use as a template for the other 19.

After finishing this one square, I realized that I need to attack my squares in a different manner. Instead of doing each square in its entirety I am going to do them in stages. Now that I have mastered the second row, I am going to make all of the inner granny squares first (rows 1 & 2) and then will move onto the remaining rows.

So, my task for this week is to finish all of the white centers. I currently have 7 completed, but still need 7 more. If I have time I am going to try to push myself to finish the remaining 6 green centers too, but we'll have to see about that. :)

Extra task: A few weeks ago I posted about 2 of my favorite crochet/craft blogs, Posie Gets Cozy and Attic 24. Both are fantastic blogs!

I popped over to Attic 24 this morning and saw that Lucy is working on granny stripes, which is kind of like a granny square but in a row instead of in a square.

She's in the process of putting together a tutorial for it and I can't wait. Maybe I'll have mastered the granny square by then and can whip up something in granny stripes to match!


  1. I saw the picture on Rav. It looks great! I just posted my week 1 progress last night. I'm currently debating making the large blanket. We will see what happens, I guess. That means I need to like double my weekly square count. I'm up to almost 4 completed now, though!

  2. You don't think it looks pretty? I think it looks pretty! I just got back from a week away, but I'd still love to give this a shot! *couragecouragecourage* :D