Kitty Art

The mailman delivered Drusilla's and Daphne's paintings this past weekend!

They are a lot bigger than I had anticipated, but they fit great on my mantle. Daphne's picture matches my color scheme perfectly. Drusilla's, not so much. :)

I've had the little plaque that is now hanging under the mirror since college. I am so glad I now have the perfect place for it. It is a quote from Samuel Johnson:
Here lives a very fine cat indeed.

I wish I could add an "s" to cats, because in my house lives two very fine cats indeed!


  1. love the paintings! who did them for you? would you post up-close pictures for us? or maybe on the I HAVE CAT facebook page? thanks much!!/pages/I-HAVE-CAT/180201582565?ref=ts

  2. Oh lucky you! They look fab!