A whole new world

I am now so completely hooked on using a sewing machine. Or, I guess I should say sew completely hooked. :) Thanks to my friend Debbie, I have now learned the basics of machine sewing. And wow, is it so much faster than hand sewing.

This past weekend, I completed my very first machine sewing project. And, I did it all by myself! What did I sew? How about two throw pillows.

I know this might be insanely easy for those of you who sew, but this was a huge deal for me. I had to measure the fabric, cut it, fold it, sew it, and close it. That is a HUGE deal!

I even finished in a few hours, though as you can see from the picture it did take me into the night.

No destash project here, though I did use two old throw pillows for the inserts.

I bought the fabric from Joann Fabric. I almost didn't buy this exact fabric because it was a little pricey, at least for my wallet ($10 a yard and I needed two yards). But I thought it would be better to get home decor fabric instead of quilting fabric, so I went for it. I am glad I did, because when the fabric was scanned it was on sale for $6 a yard!

And yesterday while looking through the new Pottery Barn catalog, I came across a pillow that looks very similar to mine.

Too cool! Their pillow covers are $29 a piece. I spent $13 for both!!! And, I like my fabric better with the blue, green, and tan stripes. It matches my room perfectly.

Having used the pillows for a few days now, boy am glad I went for the home decor fabric. It is thicker and doesn't wrinkle! I now need to make a slip cover in this material. Yeah, right! I think that is a little advanced for me. Maybe I'll just buy a new couch. :) Though my slipcover does look a lot better now that I ironed it.

So now that I am completely obsessed with machine sewing, I am looking for sewing blogs/websites. Anyone have any suggestions? I have already checked out Sew Mama Sew, Whip Up, and Purl Bee. Any others that are must reads? Or any great free patterns?

I have something sweet that I'll be attempting to sew this weekend. I'll post my pics next week.


  1. Missy
    You did a great job on your pillows. Sewing really is addictive, isn't it? I can't wait to see what you create next!

  2. Love them! Great job. I just recently got my first sewing machine too. In the middle of making dresses for my girls.

  3. LOL, you sound just like me when I taught myself to sew! But, I can still only sew straight lines!! And not so straight, sometimes! I have a lot of trouble getting my cheapie sewing machine (Singer Simple) set correctly -- especially the bobbin. But enough about me: I'm proud of you! Those pillows are lovely -- and to have channeled Pottery Barn!! You are a natural.

  4. Congrats on learning to sew on the sewing machine and on your pillows, very nice.

    And now............the fabric stash cometh;-)


  5. Yay for sewing!! Amy Butlers website has a few free patterns that are farely simple. For bags, I like to follow U-Handblog. For clothing, I follow Grosgrain who's doing a Frock by Friday this week. The dress she did last month is great for beginners too. Stardustshoes has a few free patterns and tutorials too. Have fun exploring a whole new world!

  6. You are sew clever! Congrats on your pillow project - they look fabulous. I need to do the same thing. The throw pillows on our couch and love seat are beat up looking. I'll have to get some fabric and cover them. Great job!