Granny Along Week #7

Welcome to week 7 of the granny along.

The countdown is on now. Only 16 days until the end of the granny along, and the release of Eclipse!

Week 7 task: complete all remaining squares; post a picture of your progress

Extra task: tell what your hook of choice is. Is it the metal one your mother gave you or the wooden one you got a great deal on?
. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Well, I am exactly half way done with my squares. I have all six of the white, center squares completed and four of the green, border squares completed. That leaves ten green squares left.

I haven't been able to crochet more than seven squares in a week, so this is really going to be a challenge. I guess I'll be spending every waking moment crocheting granny squares. :)

Unfortunately, my camera is acting funny. So, I won't be sharing my picture this week. I hope to have it fixed by Monday so I can show all twenty of my completed granny squares! Positive thinking!!!

Remember, your granny square blankets are to be completed on June 30!!!

Extra task: I prefer to crochet with plastic hooks. I have tried a variety of hooks, but the Lion Brand plastic hooks are my favorite. I find that they slide between the yarn easier than a metal one. Plus, I hate the smell that the metal ones leave on my hands. Yuck!

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  1. You are further along than me! I have 15 completed and 20 to go. But I do have all of the center squares complete, and some of the surrounding areas! Why oh why did I chose to go big? haha

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