Granny Along Week #9

Welcome to week 9 of the granny along.

Well, this is it! The final days of the granny along!!!

Week 9 task: crochet edging; post a picture of your progress and completed blanket

Extra task: tell if you liked the CAL and the pattern you chose.
. . . . . . . . . . . . .

So, here is my blanket all joined but with no edging yet.

I'll be posting my completed blanket on Wednesday!

Extra task: I really enjoyed the CAL. Not only did it teach my how to crochet granny squares, but it kept me on a schedule with finishing the blanket. Who knows how long it would have taken me without a deadline. :)

I liked the LA Push pattern once I got the hang of it. It turned out to be really easy and didn't require any thought, which is my favorite kind of pattern!


  1. I've been so busy I never got to start! But I still have so much yarn I need to de-stash that I still plan to make one of these. I guess I'll just pretend to have a deadline. :)

    Your blanket looks great!

  2. I have to learn to do this! I will just keep watching you for inspiration! ~Shelley O.

  3. Gorgeous! I am almost there! And question - where did you get the works in progress thing on your sidebar? Is that through Rav?