Thrifting for a good cause

June 08, 2010

My church is opening up a new Christian school this fall, and has been hosting various fundraisers to fund the expansion. This past weekend they hosted a yard sale.

I meant to be there when it opened at 7:30, but I was moving very slowly on Saturday. I didn't make it there until almost 9:30, so many of the items had already been sold. But, as I was walking around I noticed a box hidden under a table. It was a box full of craft supplies. Woo Hoo!

I didn't take the entire box, though it was tempting, but I did take a few things:

The pink baskets are in really great shape and will come in handy in my craft room. I figured the zippers and other sewing supplies should come in handy soon! The bag of lace trim is great too, though I am not sure how I am going to use yet. But, my favorite item is the gigantic ball of orange, wool yarn. I'm not sure how much is there, but I think enough for a wool scarf for this winter.

Now for the best news. The entire craft haul was only $2.00! Of course, I felt guilty taking all of this for only two bucks, so I gave the church an extra donation. Thrifting for a good cause is always my favorite kind of thrifting!

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  1. Goodies and a good cause? What could be better? I always love finding craft supplies at garage sales. Last year I remember I spotted a sign that said, "crafts and books sale" and I practically screeched my tires trying to get to that sale in a hurry, ha!


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