Taking a Break!

Whew! Now that the granny along is complete I will be taking a much needed break from blogging, though I may be pop in to post a craft or two for Sew Through the Decades.

While I am gone I'll be celebrating the 4th of July, Daphne's 6th birthday, my mom's visit, and my thirty-something birthday! Now you know why I need a break. :)

But, I will be returning soon, actually on . . .

Monday, August 9!

Hopefully, I'll be returning with a ton of new craft projects, many of which *fingers crossed* will be completed too!

Try to stay cool. I know it has been hot as Hades around here lately! Enjoy the summer!!!
. . . . . . . . . . .

Isn't the "will return" sign cute?! You can download your own set by visiting Zakka Life.

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  1. Enjoy your break, Melissa! I'm working on my stash right now (making a quilt), so when it's finished I'll post a link for you. See you again soon.