I'm Back, and with a new CAL!

I'm finally back from my month and a half blogging break. I had a nice birthday and visit with my mom, but I am now ready to get back to crafting and start tackling holiday crafts!

As you can see I have added the new poll for our next crochet along (CAL) to my sidebar. I loved the last CAL, but thought it might have been too complicated for many of you. So, I chose 5 quick and easy choices for this CAL. My hope is that many of you who have been wanting to give crochet a try will join this time.

For our Christmas 2010 CAL, the patterns you will be choosing from are as follows:

#1. Christmas Pudding Ornament by PlanetJune

#2. Baby Bunting by Susie Johns

#3. Christmas Trees by Lily/Sugar 'n Cream

#4. Mistletoe Ornament by Riot of Daisies

#5. Simply a Gnome by Else's Bellas Artes

All five patterns are free, because you know I love free stuff! You might need to log into the Lily/Sugar 'n Cream site, but login is free too. And, these are small and simple projects that you can probably dig into your stash for their materials. Yay! A destash along project too. Can it get any better than this?

Well, yes it can, because this time around I am offering a little crochet gift for one lucky CAL member. I'm not sure exactly what it will be yet, but know that it will include some yarn, a crochet hook, and maybe a crochet booklet too! Just a little thank you for following my blog and for joining the Christmas 2010 CAL.

So, look over the patterns and choose the one you would like to crochet for Christmas. Voting will remain open until Friday, September 3.

The Christmas 2010 CAL will take place the last week of September, September 24–October 3, so you will have plenty of time to gather your materials, brush up on your crochet skills, and have your super cute project completed before diving into Halloween decorating!

As always, feel free to leave a comment telling me which pattern you chose as #1 and #2. You never know. Maybe we'll have time to tackle more than one project this year!


  1. Hi, I would like to take part in this CAL, it is too long since I did any crochet. My favourite is the Christmas pudding but I like a couple of others too.
    kind regards, Shirley

  2. YEA! I'm in on this one!! I'd like to do the Christmas Trees!

  3. Yay! I had so much fun on the last one that I have to join this one too! I vote for the christmas pudding first, as it has been on my to do list for awhile, but second choice is the trees!

    ps welcome back :)