Welcome to the Christmas CAL

September 27, 2010

Is everyone ready to start crafting for Christmas? I know it isn't even Halloween yet, but it is never to early to start on Christmas crafts!

A few weeks ago you voted on the Christmas crochet project you wanted for our CAL. You chose . . .

So, let's go!

The pattern for the trees is pretty basic, so there really isn't a need to go step by step through the pattern. Just decide whether you want to make the small tree, large tree, or a tree forest and then go for it!

Don't forget to download the pattern, check out the supply list, and brush up on your crochet techniques before starting. 

I originally thought I'd give everyone until Friday, October 1 to complete your crocheted tree(s), but I'd like for you to have the weekend to work on it too. So, the CAL is now today, September 27–Sunday, October 3. 

Once you are finished with your tree(s), just  post a picture of your awesome looking tree(s) to your blog and add your link to mclinky on the bottom of this post. Don't have a blog, just email me a picture of your completed tree(s). I'll be posting pictures of them throughout the week.

Here is mine!

It turned out looking very much like a little Amigurumi tree. I stuck with the small tree, because it actually turned out pretty big. I am interested to see if anyone decides to make the bigger tree. I wonder how "big" it really is! I think it needs some sort of tree topper though. I am going to see what I can do about that and maybe post it on Sunday.

One word of advice, you might want to add the buttons before stuffing and sewing the bottom on the tree. It was a real pain trying to sew on the buttons last. Plus, it made my tree a little lumpy. 

And, I didn't forget about the little contest and prize I promised. 

A crochet prize pack that includes: Colorful Kids crochet (and knit) pattern booklet, a set of Susan Bates crochet hooks sizes F–K (these are my favorite hooks), and a skein (or two) of purple worsted weight yarn. 

Want to win? You can be entered into the contest three ways:

1. Leave me a comment telling me that you are joining the Christmas CAL. 
2. Post a link or email me a picture of your completed tree(s).
3. Become a Crafting with Cat Hair follower. (If you are already a follower, just leave a second comment stating you already follow my blog.) Thanks!

I'll be closing the contest & mclinky on Sunday at 7:00 pm EST. I will choose a winner via a random number generator and then announce the winner on Monday, October 4!

Is everybody ready? Yay! So, let's get crocheting!

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  1. Hi,
    I'm already a follower so please count me in. Visit my blog too for my giveaway.

  2. I'm joining! Can't wait to see how my tree comes out!!

  3. Augh! The CAL came so fast! Good thing I bought my yarn last week (sale at Michaels)! Okay, off to get a hookin!

  4. I joined in & just posted my tree link to my blog! The picture doesn't show the true colours though really! Oh well. I don't have any of the pretty sugar & cream stuff to use. Hard to get here!

  5. I yeah, I'm a sheep & follow...


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