Cal forest and giveaway winner

Thanks for everyone who joined in the Christmas CAL. I hope you had fun. I sure did.

The CAL trees turned out great. Check them out!


Awesome trees, everyone!

And now for the winner of the crochet prize pack. . .

Megan at Crochet Every Day

Congrats, Megan. Shoot me an email with your address and I'll send out your goodies this week. 

Thanks again to everyone who joined in and became a follower of my blog. If you missed out on this CAL no need to fear. The second round of the Christmas CAL will be taking place in a few weeks. I'll be posting the winning pattern soon, so stay tuned!


  1. Oh yay, Debbie & Megan's trees are good too! Well done! I want to put something on the top of mine too but when I find something appropriate I will. But then again, the 2 year old has claimed this tree as his & keep playing with it, so maybe not! lol Thanks for the CAL.

  2. I love how they all turned out! Thanks again for hosting this, Missie! And I'm gonna have to ask you to teach me how you did the fun link thing with pictures at the bottom of your first post!