All about cozies

The new Iron Craft challenge has been posted, and this week's project is all about cozies! You know, I love to make cup cozies. I haven't made one in awhile though. I think the last one I posted about was my NCIS inspired Caf-Pow cozy.

That one was fun, but very time consuming. Cutting out the little pieces of felt was insane.

I have a pretty good idea of what I'm going to make for this challenge. I think I'll stick with a pop culture theme, so I'll be cutting out little pieces of felt, again! The challenge ends next Wednesday, so look for it to be posted then.

Want to find out what Iron Craft is all about? Click here to read the rules. You can join in anytime and you should, because the challenges are really fun!

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  1. That website is cool! I think I will try to join in too...soon!