Iron Craft Challenge #4 - Get Cozy

This week's Iron Craft challenge was to craft a cup/mug cozy. I was so inspired by this totally awesome Pac-Man bunting from Giggedy Geekmum for last week's challenge that I had to make something Pac-Man related. So, here it is. . .

Sorry for the bad lighting, but it was raining all day yesterday. It is hard to tell, but I crocheted the cup cozy with black yarn and then glued the Pac-Man and dots onto the cozy. I usually sew them on, but I thought I'd try gluing them this time. It worked really well. I used a Martha Stewart glue stick and let it sit overnight. In the morning it was stuck tight!

It is pretty funny that I chose Pac-Man for this week's project, because I just found out I am being featured on an '80s website today. Remember my '80s craft-a-long? Well, Mary at Culture Brats has posted about it on her website, along with a little interview about me and my blog. Squeee! Swing by Culture Brats to check it out.  Thanks again, Mary!  

One of the questions she asked is if I'd be hosting another '80s craft-a-long. I really enjoyed my last one, but with my shop opening and so many other things going on I just wasn't sure I'd have enough time. But, I thought since I will be hosting my '80s birthday party this summer and will be crafting 90% of it, why not. 

So, grab your legwarmers and Member's Only jackets as we'll be heading back to the '80s for another craft-a-long! 

I'll be posting some new '80s inspired crafts and tutorials, but you are also more than welcome to make your own '80s crafts. I am thinking the craft-a-long will be late spring, probably in May, so you have plenty of time to think about what you want to make. If you didn't make it to the last craft-a-long, you can check it out by clicking on the crafting through the '80s link under categories on my sidebar. But for now, here is a little video to get you inspired!

Gotta love the '80s!!!


  1. Thanks for the Iron Craft inspiration... I am now on board! And I love the pacman cozy. Too cute!

  2. You've actually got some awesome projects here! I missed this week due to a cold. Seeing your pacman cozy made me smile. Count me in for the next 80's fest! ^_^

  3. Pacman inspired crafts cannot be topped. You gave a great interview over at Culture Brats. I'll be watching for the next 80's craft-a-thon!

  4. Ugh! Leg warmers! Members Only jackets! Some trends are best left in the past! ;)