Spring bunting

Though I'm spending the majority of my time working on the website design for my shop, it is finally starting to come together and look like a professional website, Hallelujah!, I am also trying to work on as many craft items as I can. But, the website design has become very time consuming.

I did get a few minutes the other night, while watching Winter Wipeout, to whip up this little crocheted bunting.

Last year I wanted to add some bunting or garland to my mantle, but never got around to it. So last week, when I put up my spring decorations, yes I know it is still January, but I don't have any decorations to transition from winter to spring, I decided to go ahead and make my bunting right away. Plus, I noticed that this week's Iron Craft project was bunting. Perfect Timing!

It was really super simple. I just crocheted blue and green circles and then attached them to a white crocheted strand of yarn. Piece of cake! I made a second smaller strand for the other side of my mantle, because my mantle is such a funky shape.

Ta Da! Now we're all set for spring.


  1. So pretty! I really like your mantle- the shape is so unusual!

  2. That crocheted garland is sweeter than sweet!

  3. Hey gal, are you doing anything for national crochet month, when is that?

    But I do know national crochet week and day are coming up in May.

  4. This is so delicate and pretty looking.