Men who make me weak at the knees!

I love making lists, as you can tell by my right sidebar. :) So when I noticed several bloggers listing the celebrity men that make them weak at the knees I knew I had to join in the fun! Plus, it is Friday and Fridays are all about fun, and some good looking men!!!

So, here is my list of celebrity men who really float my boat:

Johnny Depp. Nightmare on Elm Street, 21 Jumpstreet, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Pirates of the Caribbean. . . After all these years he still looks darn good! Plus, he is a fantastic actor. That is pretty sexy too.

Henry Cavill. Loved him on The Tudors. I mean loved him on The Tudors! But, I do have a weakness for British men. I think it is their accent, and Henry has got the sexiest accent/voice, ever! I can't wait to see him as Superman. I just hope they let him keep his scruffy little beard and his British accent. :)

Jason Priestly. To me he will always be Brandon Walsh of Beverly Hills 90210, but he is still super cute! I'm just sorry he is working behind the camera now. He should be back in front of the camera on TV.

Christian Kane. He is bad ass on Leverage as Elliot Spencer. He is another one with a pretty sexy voice. No, he isn't British, he is Southern. Plus, he can sing. Now that is a winning combination!

Ryan Reynolds. He is just too cute and pretty funny too. That is another winning combination! Loved him in The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. Are they dating? I think they'd make a cute couple.

Some other cuties are Scott Caan, Joseph Fiennes, and Rob Thomas. Sorry, no Brad Pitt, Robert Pattinson, Bradley Cooper, George Clooney, or Tom Cruise on my list. I just don't get their sex appeal, at all! 

Okay, so who floats your boat? 


  1. I have never seen The Tudors or heard that guy speak and now I want to hear the sexy voice! Ha ha! It's because I'm having a voice crush on Richard Armitage right now. He could read the phone book and I'd melt like butter on hot toast.

    Yay for Christian Kane! I love Leverage. He played at the Oregon State Fair and you can bet I was there! (I had been sick for two weeks but I forced myself to get well so I could go, ha!). They were incredible, it was a lot of fun.

    I never once watched 90210. Crazy, right? I did see Jason on Tru Calling though and thought he made the perfect villain - he was totally evil but completely enticing (my definition of a perfect villain).

    And I'm with you on your no-way list as well except Bradley Cooper because he is adorable. I think I just have a hair crush on him. :)

  2. I am in total agreement with you on Ryan Reynolds. He is the cats meow in my book!!

  3. Johnny makes me weak in the knees! I think he is the most beautiful man alive! Twyla

  4. Jason Priestly has been doing a show from my little area here. He has been seen about town with his family. The show is called "Call Me Fitz". A local car dealership is where they tape their shows. It's been really interesting to see all of the cameras and excitement.