Welcome March!

I'm usually not too excited to see spring start, my allergies are ridiculous this time of the year, but after the super cold winter spring is very welcomed!

March is not only important because it welcomes in spring, but March is also National Crochet Month!

That is pretty cool too. :) My goal for this month is to spend most of my crafting time crocheting, but with this crazy eye infection that might be a little tough. I have several projects I need to complete for my shop, and this is the month to finish them.

Here is my crochet list for the month of March:
  • 15 crocheted washcloths
  • 1 crocheted microphone
  • 4 crocheted animals
  • 2 crocheted food

How about you? Do you have any crochet projects you want to finish up? If so, comment with what you want to complete this month. Then at the end of the month we'll see how many all of us finished, hopefully all of them. :)

Don't know how to crochet but have always wanted to learn? Well, this is the month to do it! Grab a crochet hook, preferably a size G hook, some yarn, and a little patience and take a peek at these beginner crochet techniques:

Slip knot
Chain stitch
Single crochet
Fasten off

Then stop by this Friday for a super simple, beginner's crochet project. For the project you will need to know the above crochet techniques, have a size G hook, a small amount of red, white, and black yarn, black embroidery thread, and an embroidery needle. That is it!

And for those expert crocheters, we'll be starting the CAL next week. All you will need is to gather together your yarn stash. It is another blanket pattern. Yikes!!!

See you back here on Friday for the free tutorial!


  1. A crocheted microphone. Of course. As you do when you think about what to crochet next!
    Man, I can't wait for an explanation for that one! :)

  2. lol I didn't know that it was crochet month! I need some encouragement to improve my skills, so this is perfect thanks x

  3. I have a granny blanket to piece together. If I can get that done I'll really be happy!. I'll try to get back Friday to see what you've got going (: