Counting My Blessings

On Saturday, I had a very harrowing experience. My house was in the direct path of the EF-3 tornado that hit Raleigh, NC.

It is hard to express how terrified I was while I was hunkering down in the downstairs bathroom with my girls and my battery operated radio. But, here is a little clue. These are the warnings that were being broadcast to my area over the radio via our local station Mix 101.5 WRAL.

When I heard "life threatening","take cover immediately", and "act now to protect your life", yeah I got a little freaked out.

The spookiest thing was sitting in the bathroom with the girls as the lights were flickering, wind howling, and the rain pounding. Both girls were licking themselves and walking around and then they both stopped dead in their tracks and looked straight up to the ceiling. I really thought the roof was going to come off, though now I think they both felt the pressure drop. At that time the lights started to really flicker, hail was pelting the house, the house moved, and it sounded like all of the wood in my house was cracking. Then it was over!

I am still counting my blessings that the tornado missed my neighborhood, though barely. But I didn't really realize how close it had come until I ventured outside this morning. I didn't take these pictures. They were all taken by others and posted on But the scenes remain the same today.

This all happened just three traffic lights from my housing development. Whew! A very, very close call.

And look at our New Year's acorn (Raleigh drops a giant acorn like Times Square drops a ball. I know it's odd!):

It is dented and bruised, but still standing. :) I think that is the mantra for the people of North Carolina. Everyone may be dented and bruised, but we are still standing! It is very heart warming to see neighbors helping neighbors. Makes me proud to be a North Carolinian!

Though we are all still standing many need help. If you would like to find out how you can help, please visit Triangle Red
. . . . . . . . . .

I'm postponing Classic Movie Monday until either later today or tomorrow. Thanks!


  1. I have family in Raleigh and was praying. Glad to hear you're ok.

  2. glad that you and your family are ok
    take care and be safe


  3. dang... this is frightening. The closest we ever got to natural disaster was a cellar flooded so high it came half way up to the living space, but that's it. No harm done, minus, possibly, some drowned spiders. Silly things should have learned to swim in time!
    Joking aside, I'm so glad you and the kittehs are okay. I cannot imagine running around trying to gather up all 4 of mine and taking shelter (possibly in the cellar) while hell is breaking loose above our heads. I might sound like a proper mad cat lady, but imagining a situation WITH cats involved always hammers it home for me. I gotta work on my people skills, really.
    Please be safe, I hope you guys won't be hit by any more storms!