Iron Craft Challenge #14 - Wish You Were Here

I haven't done an Iron Craft project in awhile, so I joined this week's card challenge. I am not schooled in paper crafts at all, so this was definitely challenging.

My card was inspired by something I saw recently on Facebook. Have you seen this missing poster?

Hee Hee! I think it is just too funny, so I replicated it, somewhat, for my card.

Yes, that is supposed to be Lionel Richie, though I think he looks more like John Oates from Hall and Oates. :) What do you think?

Oh well. I guess I have learned that paper crafts are not my forte! But felt is still my favorite thing, so his hair, eyebrows, and mustache are all made out of felt. I glued those on and when they were dried I drew on his face. I used Creative-Type Dad's Lionel Richie chest hair printout for inspiration. I'm so glad to see there are other crazy pop culture crafty people out there too! I then stamped "HELLO" onto the bottom. I tried for over an hour to get the words straight, but it never worked right. So the "l"s are a little off.

Working with paper was fun, but I think I'll stick with felt and yarn!
. . . . . . . . .
To my Mome Rath contest winners, you should be expecting your packages next week. I am putting the finishing touches on them and will hopefully be mailing them out this weekend. Yay!

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  1. Tee hee. Yes I've seen this around on facebook. Actually...I probably saw it on yours, ha!

    I am not much good with paper crafts either. Something about it always eludes me. Oh well.