Happy 30th Birthday, MTV!

Do you remember where you were the first time you saw MTV? How about the first video you saw? 

My family didn't have MTV when it first aired on August 1, 1981, though I can't remember exactly when we finally got it. I think it was probably a couple of years later, since my first recollection of MTV was seeing The Go Go's driving around town in their pink convertible singing, Our Lips Are Sealed

I seriously thought that was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Little did I know, I was only months away from experiencing Madonna, Duran Duran, and Michael Jackson.

I really miss MTV as it was in the '80s! Now, it is full of reality shows, people named Snookie, and whack videos, when they actually play videos.

So, in honor of the one station that truly defined my childhood, I made myself an '80s MTV logo keychain.

I Want My MTV!

Now when I'm driving around town my little keychain will help me channel my inner Belinda Carlisle. I just wish I had a pink convertible!


  1. MTV today is crap. (Except for Teen Wolf...pretty good escapism, but you have to go in with low expectations.) I tell my husband all the time that every once and a while, MTV should rebroadcast a day from the "early years." I think it would blow some people's minds. 24 hours of music videos. That's it. Oh! And tour info. I miss the old MTV.

    I love your keychain. I bet you are still super cool even without the pink convertible.

  2. Yes -- it was a defining moment, wasn't it? I'm older than you, and when MTV came out, I was so upset. I felt the way you do when you find out they're making a movie of your favorite book, and you know it won't be as good, how could it be? I was so afraid that from then on, the images on videos would become a part of the experience of the music -- instead of the ones you feel and see in your head when you hear the music, do you know what I mean? I eventually watched it once in a while, grudgingly. Funny.

  3. Wow MTV and I were born only 23 days apart!

    Great key chain. :D

  4. I love your new blog and the MTV post. I was never a big MTV watcher but I have heard tons of complaints about what it has become. I think a lot of people would agree with you. I am your newest follower from Blog Frog. If you are liking crafty stuff like card making and scrapbooking we would love to have you visit and see what you think. We always love new followers! Thanks so much for sharing.