Skeins, skeins, and more skeins

January 19, 2012

I'm taking this long weekend to start on my first crochet project of 2012. I took a break from crafting over the Christmas holiday to spend time with my family and give my hands a much needed rest. The closer I creep to 40 the more my hands start to hurt. Blech! And boy am I glad I gave my hands a rest, because this project is a doozy!

Because 2012 is the year of me, the first project of the year I'll be tackling is a crocheted bedspread for my soon to be revamped bedroom. I looked through blogs, magazines, and Ravelry for a pattern that was easy, but interesting, one I could do while watching TV, and one that didn't require a lot of thought. Once I landed on Attic 24's page I knew I would find the perfect pattern, and I did! 

I've done granny square blankets before, but this is a granny stripe. It is a little different, but pretty simple once I get past the first couple of rows. The chain of 200+ is going to be looooong and then single crocheting in each chain is going to be tricky, but I think once that is done it should be smooth sailing.

I'll also get to use a lot of my stashed yarn for this gigantic blanket. Yay for destashing! Although, I think I am going to choose several colors and repeat them instead of using whatever yarn I pick up. So, I might be making a few trips to AC Moore before the project is done. I'm leaning towards Cath Kidston colors, even though that is completely different than what I am thinking for my new bedroom color scheme. Oh well!

So, that is what I'll be working on this weekend. How about you? Any new projects you are tackling?

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