Lost '80s Item

Between my sister and I, we had close to every Barbie manufactured in the '70s and '80s. Below are some of the ones that we had and still have in our Barbie bag.

My creation

1. "My Favorite Barbie Doll Series"-Barbie & The Rockers, 2. my barbie from the 80s, 3. barbie 80s, 4. Dream date barbie full lengh shot !, 5. BARBIE PEACHES N CREAM, 6. BACK TO THE 80'S - LOVING YOU BARBIE, 7. BACK TO THE 80'S - TROPICAL BARBIE, 8. Astronaut Barbie9. Not available

My two favorite Barbies were the Loving You Barbie and Peaches n Cream (though I called her Peachie). I didn't have too much time to play with Peachie as she was meant to be, because one of my sister's friends came over to our house and stole her dress. Ooh, that still makes me mad!

I wish we had kept our Barbies in this great of shape. Ours look like they have been through the war with pen marks all over their bodies and cut hair. I did hear that Mattel is re releasing the Barbie and the Rockers Barbie for a limited time only. Check your local toy stores or here for your very own.


  1. I love this post! It brought back so many memories. I used to play with about 6 of the 9 dolls you have listed here and their ride was a Red Corvette (when they weren't on the Rockers stage). Peaches & Cream was my fave. Remember Veternarian Barbie and also the one that wore a jumpsuit with fancy hairclip designer attached to her head?!

  2. I had the peaches and cream barbie too! I loved her. I also had a rose petal barbie who had pretty brunette curly hair. I gave her a mohawk. i actually think that one would fetch something in perfect condition, but so be it.

    I would cry when I lost Barbie rings and shoes. i would set up their houses for hours, then when it came time to play Barbie, I was tired and put it all away. I would make fake appliances and beds and stuff out of boxes and plastic containers.

    Here's a pic of two Barbie's I had...


    I also had the barbie hair twister which I also used on my own hair. And I loved the Barbie fashion plates! Do you remember them?


  3. I had all of those except that last one. I turned my peaches n cream barbie into Sandy from grease by cutting her hair, lol.

    My favorite barbie is my first one though, she had a moveable hand. Beauty secrets barbie maybe?