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November 10, 2015

My Desert Cottage is hosting a blog party on June 19 (I am posting a little early) ~ "Where Bloggers Create II". What a fun idea! Now we get to see where all of the talented crafters work.

My craft area is pretty much anywhere in my house. I craft on my dining room table while waiting for dinner to cook, on the couch while listening to '80s music on the radio, in bed while watching TV, or in my official craft room (my second bedroom).

This is why my relatives have no place to stay when they come to visit me. :) With only a two bedroom house, I opted for a craft room instead of a guest bedroom. Sorry everyone, but I love my craft room!

I think my favorite thing in my craft room is my craft table. When I first got this it was an ugly, grey, plastic table. But with a little polka dotted oil cloth and felt I made it into a much cuter work space.

I am a brand new machine stitcher, so this table has come in very handy while I am learning to sew. I just have to dodge kitties who like to sit and look out the windows.

The table is huge and offers plenty of room for my brand new Brother sewing machine and space for other odds and ends. I won't show you what is under the table (it is a disaster), but it has plenty of storage space for my plastic bins of yarn.

Speaking of yarn, here is some of my yarn stash.

I love my color coordinated yarn stash! It is super simple to find a specific color yarn now, instead of rooting around my bins. My craft felt is to the right of it in the storage containers. I am working on getting a white bookcase for my felt, but for now it is being stored in the see through bins.

Lastly, my computer area.

Nothing fancy, but it serves its purpose.

Hope you enjoyed visiting my crafting space. Now, I am off to visit with the others. . .

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  1. That's what blow up beds are for. : }
    We must have our creative space. How much fun you must have in yours.


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  3. Such a cute creative space! Love the pink walls! ;o) So, enjoyed my visit with you. Enjoy the rest of the party.

  4. LOL, I craft everywhere too. Got glitter alllll over the house.
    Love how colorful the yarn is, color makes me happy.
    My guest room has also been taken over.

  5. Love the yarn storage! tfs

  6. Beautiful! That yarn stash is artwork in itself! Thank you so much for h=joining the fun! I really enjoyed the tour!

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. I once entertained the thought of a daybed in my art room...for about five seconds! You have a very cute space. Thanks for sharing!

  9. love it...and the wall color..the BEST!!!!

  10. What a sweet creative space! Love how you really organized your yarn! Great job!
    Best wishes,

  11. What a great creative space you have. Your pink walls are awesome. I love your yarn storage. - everything out where you can see it - yet neat and tidy - the neat and tidy part wouldn't work very well for me - unless I never used anything after I set it up. LOL

  12. I understand the extra bed problem-my room has to share. I love your space and especially your yarn storage. So colorful and easy!

  13. Wonderful space! We are considering getting rid of the bed in the office/music studio for just the same reason. You have a wonderful space.

  14. What a fun place to create! I think having a craft room is much more important than a guest room!! Love the way you did the table top. It makes it so bright and happy looking.

  15. What an amazing space you have created! You have inspired me to add to my own crafting area.

    I adore all of your storage solutions.

  16. I end up working all over the house and I use the "guest" room for my craft room, so I can relate. I've been thinking I should make a skirt for my table, now, seeing yours I think so....really classes up the plastic table. Thanks for stopping by, come again.

  17. i'm with you-an art room before a guest room! we create more than we have company ;) love the pink!

  18. A perfectly adorable creative space!

  19. Love the title of your blog!!!! We create with cat fur too! Isn't it grand!? And we totally agree with you, a craft room is more important and probably gets more use than a once in a while guest. So glad you got a handle on your priorities ;) Thanks for sharing your studio - we enjoyed our visit to your beautiful creative space!!


    Romeo and "her"

  20. As a lover of pink and hearts, I enjoyed looking at your room! I'm hoping to put a futon in mine so the occasional guest can have a place to sleep.

    I don't do yarn crafts, but I do love seeing all those color-coordinated yarns stored together.

  21. I couldn't wait to visit your blog when I saw the name of it. To opt for a craft room over a guest bedroom means you are a true crafter, and like me, you will find a place to craft wherever you are in your home. Love that sewing table. Thanks for sharing your well organized studio. However, I didn't see a cat or any cat hair.

  22. What a pretty room, like your colors, must be fun to create here. Thanks for sharing.

  23. I love what you did with the table. Great space.

  24. Your space is so pretty. Love the yarn colors too. So nice to meet you.
    Have a great week,
    Janets Creative Pillows

  25. What a great little room you have, I just love all your yarn, looks so yummy sittin there, Makes me want to pull out my kniting neddles..., I dabble in crocheting a kniting a little.. Thanks for letting us take a little peek into your room. I enjoyed my visit!

    BTW - I love your Blog name..


  26. So cute and colorful! You collect yarn like I collect paper! Happy crafting!

  27. Thanks for showing your studio. It looks so light and bright with that wonderful window! The yarn looks so organized and we won't talk about what we have under our skirts. LOL Happy crafting, Connie

  28. What a great space! I don't blame you ~ I much prefer a craft room/creative space over guests! ; ) Love that large table you have to work at.

  29. Love your craft space and I sometimes craft right on a folding table in front of my TV in the evenings even though I have a room and 1/2 bedroom to boot.Love how you stored your yarn! Thanks for sharing. I'm slowly making my way through the blog party spaces. XOXO

  30. thank you for the lovely tour. I agree crafting room before guests. there is always the couch right...he he. just kidding. Love your yarns and so bright! thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day. Angela

  31. I love the way you have your yarn is stored - it is so colorful and looks like a bright art installation! I don't have a guest room either, I too opted for a creative space, but hey, that's what hotels are for! Thank you for sharing your creative haven.

  32. Lovely space, neat and tidy, hope mines will get there with the destash along, LOL

  33. Your space is so cute! I love how you color coordinated your yarn stash. You're right, if our craft is portable, we can take it anywhere and enjoy it. I love sitting on my recliner with my precious dog and knitting. And sometimes, I actually bring my jewelry project to the dining table when I'm cooking.
    I enjoyed my visit, thanks for sharing.

  34. That's an awesome yarn stash...and a great way to store it too. And no studio is complete without a cat!

    Yes, I am still visiting the 'Where Bloggers Create' participants and having a great time. Thank you for sharing your creative space with us. Have a thoughtful Thursday. ~Natalie

  35. Great studio space! Your yarn storage is so pretty - mine is all stuffed in a huge Rubbermaid tote box. Your solution is SO much nicer. Thanks for inviting us to visit.

  36. Thanks for sharing your creative space. It's perfectly "you"!

  37. Great room, I love your table and your stash of yarns, so pretty.
    Gail - Big Horn Mountain Creations

  38. Is your craft table, The polka dotted one, Is that just actually just a folding table? I am kinda hoping so cause I have 2 of them and would like to tranform them. I understand about having a craft room instead of a spare room. We also have a 2 bedroom and for me it was a no brainer! My craft space is much more important than the inlaws having a place to sleep. LOL! Thank you for sharing your space~ Sherry F.

  39. What a wonderful craft room!!! I'm sure you really enjoy it. I have wanted to put oilcloth on the top of my table, instead of the fabric I have draped. I'd love to know how you attached the skirt. I have boxes I need to hide underneath. I'm currently using a large spread and then gingham across the top.

  40. Thank you everyone! Sorry for the delay in responding. Some comments were put in my spam folder by mistake.

    Yes, my table is a folding table and I attached the skirt with velcro and felt. It was super easy. :)


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