A New Year and a Fresh Start

Thank you all for visiting with me again on my little blog. I've missed everyone! For those of you who followed me in the past: welcome back! And for those of you who have just discovered my little crafty nook: hello and welcome! It has been awhile, 4 years to be exact, but it is really good to be back!!! Do you remember that I use a lot of exclamation points?!

A lot has been going on since I last blogged on Crafting with Cat Hair. The first is you might have seen a book with the same name as my blog in your local book stores. The book was actually released several years after I started my blog, which makes me the original Crafting with Cat Hair. :) But just so you know, I am not affiliated with that project in any way. I craft with cat hair, unintentionally! 

I have spent the majority of the last few years writing. I've been working on several fiction novels, which have been taking up a ton of my time. I made a conscious decision to focus on my writing, but that pushed my crafting and blogging to the back burner. While I enjoy writing and the author friends I have met along the way, I found that I really missed crafting and blogging about crafting. So, I've decided that I want to shift gears, yet again, and get back to what I truly love: crafting.

But not all of the time was spent writing fiction. I was published in several craft magazines (Simply Handmade, Stitch | Craft, Create, and Interweave Stitch Gifts) and a craft book, Craft it Now. I also continued to craft a bit and sold my handmade items in my Etsy shop. My new shop Retro Girl Design will be open later this spring and will feature a plethora of everything I love: sweets, pretty things, cats, pop culture, and of course, retro '70s and '80s. It is going to be so much fun!

As far as the blogging goes, some of the topics I'll be blogging about this year are: crafts, DIY, healthy eating/living, books, pop culture, and life, which includes my two shelter kitties, Drusilla and Daphne. I am also going to start out slow to get my mojo back. I'm only going to commit to one post a week, for now, but some weeks will have more. I'll be taking part in the Yarn Along and posting my monthly yarn palette post, as well as some other things. Be sure to check back on Monday for the first yarn palette post of 2016.

And if you want to learn a little more about me and my crafting background, please check out my about page at the top of my blog.

Well, that is it! Thank you again for stopping by. I hope you will join me on a new year of crafty adventures!

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