Blog Posting Schedule

I have had a few weeks to get my head out of the clouds and get back into this whole blogging thing. I think I have a pretty good idea just how much blogging I'll be able to do. My plan for this blog is to combine random posts with a few regular weekly & monthly posts.

Random Posts

These guys will show up sometime throughout the week. Really whenever I am inspired to write something. I am still committed to one post a week, but it will most likely be two, unless I'm feeling chatty some weeks then maybe three.

The content of the posts will vary. Topics will include crafting (most likely crocheting or sewing), DIY projects, tutorials, reading/reviews of books (mostly craft books), healthy living/eating, everyday life (including my kitties), pop culture & '80s, and other fun stuff. I am a little behind on my crafting, so until I get back to crafting every week the other topics might appear more frequently.

Weekly/Monthly Posts

These posts will be scheduled for certain days of the week or month. I hesitated adding many of these, because they haven't worked for me in the past, but my blogging is back on track so I am ready to give them another try. My weekly/monthly post schedule is:

Friday I'm in Love: (every Friday) - weekly post where I reveal a compilation of what I'm in love with for that week. Compilation can include crafts, beauty, home decor, pop culture, etc.

Yarn Palette: (first Friday of the month) - monthly post where I combine yarn and Design Seeds color palettes.

Dress You Up: (last Monday of the month) - monthly post where I mix pop culture and style.

Yarn Along: (random Wednesdays) - random weekly post where I show what I am crocheting and reading for the week. This will not be a weekly post, but I will post from time to time. 

Be sure to check in next week. On Monday I'll be posting my first Dress You Up post and on Friday my first Friday I'm in Love post. You don't want to miss either one!

I am also in the process of archiving my old blog posts, including my old yarn palette posts. I'm hoping to work on that over the weekend. We are in for quite a rough weekend of ice and snow, so it will be perfect for drinking tea, working on my blog, and snuggling with my girls. Stay safe, everyone!

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