I Want Candy

Some of Drusilla's favorite toys are in the shape of pieces of candy. Her favorite toy (a pink lame' Hershey kiss) is completely falling apart and disgusting. So, I figured I would make her a new toy for her birthday, which is Halloween.

I found this really cute pattern on Lion Brand.com for a piece of Halloween candy. I figured it would be perfect for Drusilla to pick up and take up and down the stairs with her. For some reason I thought it was a cat toy, but I quickly found out it isn't. It came out a tad bit bigger than I was expecting:

Yeah, there is no way Drusilla can pick this thing up and carry it around the house. I decided to use it as a decoration instead for my spider candy dish.

Look who I found with her paw in the candy dish. . .

I guess she does like the candy toy after all!


  1. She is adorable! :) I want to pet her.

  2. Hehe looks like she loves it anyway!

  3. Aww, that is so cute! As soon as you decide something isn't for the kitty, that's what they want. And that's why I love them. =)

  4. I have a black cat too! Cute.

    Looking forward to having you at the Halloween Blog Party! Fun!!