The first of many Halloween crafts

January 04, 2016

I designed and finished a ton of Halloween related crafts this weekend. I will be posting pics of them all week, but I'll start off with my second entry into Dabbled's Halloween contest:

 Arsenic cup cozy

I have a few other "poison" cup cozies in the works. I might put them in my shop or I might keep them for myself. I haven't decided yet.

The one thing I will make sure to do with the others is use darker thread. I could read the pink "Arsenic" fine, but it doesn't show up in the picture that well. Oh well, you craft and you learn!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog to view my Monogram Wreath tut! You have a great blog...On my way to check it out!

  2. I love it!!!! "Arsenic"... haha! Even something with "poison" stitched on it, so funny! :) Great job! And perfect for Halloween! xoxo

  3. OH, That is awesome. I'd use that all year long, not just for Halloween. Everyone knows, java is definitely my 'poison' of choice!


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