WIPs finished, but more on my hooks

January 04, 2016

I've been a busy crocheter these last few days. I finished a couple WIPs I'd been working on for awhile.

This was the first scarf I made, my Asheville scarf for my aunt. I used Lion Brand Jiffy yarn in the color denim and a size J hook.

Unfortunately, I needed two skeins for this one because of the width. Jiffy yarn is good, because it is thick, but I am now stuck with an almost full skein of denim yarn. I'll have to find something small to crochet so I can use it up.

Then I did this one, my Franklin scarf for my uncle. I used my favorite yarn for this one, Vanna's Choice in navy (I just love Vanna's Choice. It is heavy enough that it is easy to work with, but is also soft). I only needed one skein of yarn for this one, and I even used a bigger hook, a size N.

Both scarves will be making their way to the mountains of North Carolina next week. With the way this crazy summer has been, I think they are going to be needed sooner than later.

I've also started on my Christmas presents. Yes, I know it is only August, but you have no idea the tasks I have taken on this year. Whew! They are not easy, so we'll see how many I can actually finish.

Here are the two that are currently on my hooks:

The beginning of a purple afghan. Yes, the color is actually purple heather even though it looks brown. I have quite a way to go on this one!

And a brown pillow, which is ,in fact, actually chocolate brown.

I'm not going to say who they are for, just in case they are reading this, but they are coming along nicely. I know they don't look like much yet, but when they are done in time for Christmas they should be really nice!

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  1. thanks for the tip on Vann'as choice...I always pass it over....now I'll have to give it a try! :-)


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