Lion Brand Yarn CAL

It has been several years since I've taken part in a crochet along (CAL), so naturally I signed up for two this year! The first one, which started last week, is from Lion Brand Yarn and is for this pretty spring poncho.

I haven't attempted to crochet clothing before, other than scarves and wraps, so this will be a first. It is going to be challenging, but I really want to start crocheting clothes and I think this poncho might be the perfect beginner project for me.

I looked for the yarn at my local craft stores, but none of them had it stocked. So, I placed my order on the Lion Brand Yarn website. I stuck with the original colors, because I really liked the pretty greens and blues and green always make my green eyes pop. :) They also had some other great sales, so I picked up a few odds and ends like this Lion Brand Yarn bag. Perfect for storing the yarn for this project.

I'm usually not a fan of cotton yarn, because it splits, but this yarn looks really nice. It is super soft and seems to be twisted better than other cotton yarn. I'll let you know how I like it once I start crocheting with it. My goal is to start working on my poncho this weekend, so I'll be posting my progress pictures, hopefully next week. 

**I bought these skeins specifically for this CAL, so I'm not including them in my Stashbuster Challenge.**

If you are interested in joining the CAL, there is still time. Just visit the Lion Brand Yarn blog for more information. 


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