Yarn Palette - Flora Palette

February 05, 2016

February is a big month for flowers, so for this month's palette I thought it would be appropriate for a Flora Palette, from Design Seeds. The darker colors are a little more dramatic than you usually picture a flower. I think this would make a pretty striped cowl or shawl.

These colors were not the easiest to match, especially the first one, but I think I got it pretty close. I went with an off-white instead of a beige for the first color, but you can use whatever color you think works best.

  • Natural: Bernat Super Value
  • Peach: Bernat Super Value
  • Forest Green: Caron One Pound
  • Claret: Red Heart Super Saver
  • Burgundy: Caron United
  • Lilac: Caron One Pound 

  • As always, if there is a color combo from Design Seeds that you’d like for me to match to yarn, just leave me a comment on this color palette post or shoot me an email.

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