A–Z Challenge Reveal

It is time for the big theme reveal for the A-Z Challenge. What is the A-Z Challenge? It is a fun way to get into the routine of blogging every day by using a specific letter of the alphabet. We’ll be starting on April 1st with the letter “A” and finishing on April 30th with the letter "Z". Sign ups are still open, so if you want to join in visit the link, here. I am number 143 out of 1,277. Wow!

Okay! Now onto the big reveal. I thought a lot about what to blog about. Should I do an A–Z of crafts or craft products, or maybe wing it and not have a theme at all? It all boiled down to what I would enjoy blogging about, but would also be a lot of fun.

So for my very first Crafting with Cat Hair A–Z Challenge, this year's theme is. . .

I love my chalkboard challenge button! I'm going to have a tutorial soon on how to make a button like this, probably sometime in early May. I might even use this one for the tutorial.

Now, back to the challenge.

Starting next Friday we’ll be working our way through the alphabet and covering all of the totally awesome things from the '80s. Included in each post will also be a few links to '80s related craft projects. I'm hoping this will be helpful for those of you who are participating in this summer's Crafting Through the '80s challenge. I will have all of the information for the summer challenge available on April 30th, the last day of the A–Z Challenge.

Oh, I almost forgot. Because the A–Z Challenge starts on the first Friday of April, I'll be posting April's yarn palette on Thursday, March 31st instead of Friday, April 1.

Hope to see y'all on April 1st for the challenge!


  1. Well, I'm a 1980s girl. It didn't take long for you to win me in ;-)

    The Old Shelter - Jazz Age Jazz

  2. I too am from the 1980s, so you got me in one! I am also a fellow crafter and as I also am a writer, illustrator, and crocheter of amigurumi, my theme this year is "Artistic Variety"! I hope you follow me over at Ink & Stitches as well to see all the fun things I have in store. I'll certainly be following you here.


    1. Yay! Another A-Z blogger. :) I'll be swinging by your blog throughout the challenge. Good luck!

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  4. Totally off topic, but I love both your blog title and your tagline! way cool! all the best for an awesome A-z

    Ninja Minion, A-Z 2016

    1. Thanks so much! I just revamped my blog and really struggled with taking off my tagline, but I kept it on my about me blurb. :)