Stashbuster Challenge Update - 1 of 16

March 07, 2016

How is everyone doing with the 16 in 2016 Stashbuster Challenge? I am happy to report I am down 1-1/2 skeins, so far. I was hoping to get more done over the weekend, but I got a terrible cold on Thursday and just haven't been able to kick it. You know when I don't want to craft or even watch TV I am really sick. 

I did finally pick up my hook yesterday and worked a little on an afghan project that I MUST get done this month. It has been on my WIP list for months, so it has got to get done! This project alone will knock out 5-6 skeins of yarn, so I will be super happy when it is done. 

Unfortunately, this project has put all of my other projects on the back burner, including the Lion Brand Yarn CAL. I did get started on it, but had to put it to the side for this monster project. Once this is done I'll jump back into the CAL.

I am hoping to bust a few more skeins this week, so keep an eye on the total on my sidebar. It is nice to see the zero gone. :)

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