Updates and changes to my blog

I've been wanting to streamline my blog since I restarted it a few months ago. I feel it is all over the place right now, and I really need to get a handle on what I want to blog about and share with you.

I've been researching successful blogs and have come across some great websites with free resources on how to brand your blog. I'll share all of my findings in an upcoming blog post. Branding your blog is something I never even heard of or thought about, but it really does make sense. It helps to put a focus on your blog content and gives you a very specific voice on the internet.

So over the next couple of weeks I'm going to be trying some new things. First will be a new look. I want to kick up my blog appearance a bit, so it will look significantly brighter soon! I will also be moving some things around, but don't worry. The yarn palettes and other pages will still be there, they might just be somewhere else.

Second are my monthly blog posts. With the exception of the monthly yarn palette posts they might be gone. I really want to share with you some fun patterns and crafty resources and I feel those might work better as monthly posts.

Third will be more tutorials. I am focusing on getting some really fun ones put together for our second installment of Crafting Through the '80s craft-a-long, which will be happening this summer! I'm also working on some totally awesome blog buttons for all participants and a giveaway. It is going to be so rad!!!

I'm also prepping for the Blogging from A-Z Challenge, which takes place throughout April. A little hint on my topic this year: It will be very helpful for those of you participating in the Crafting through the '80s craft-a-long.

Well, that is what I'll be up to the next few weeks. I'll most likely be pretty quiet blogging, but the behind the scenes will be very active. Can't wait to show off my new look!

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