N: Notes

Back in the '80s kids didn't have cellphones or texting. Nope! If we wanted to talk to our friends in school without disrupting the class or being caught by the teacher we passed notes.

We would pass notes for basically anything. In them we asked about getting together after school or  to plan what we were going to do over the weekend, what we thought of the latest Duran Duran album, how cute the new boy looked, or to offer help (I wouldn't call it cheating) to our fellow classmate.

Not only was the topic of the note important, but how we folded the note was just as crucial. There was a real skill to folding our notes. To be honest I can't remember how I did it, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a YouTube tutorial to show you how to do it.

So awesome! I am definitely going to have to give writing notes another try.


  1. I remember passing notes and occasionally doing a fancy fold. However, you couldn't spend too much time folding your note, or you would get caught by the teacher. I got caught more than once just passing them, but I didn't stop. Thanks for reminding of the "good ole days."

    Visiting from A-Z.

  2. This brings back fond memories. Yes, the note-folding was key. :)

    Yvonne V