R: Roller Skating

Another birthday party spot on my A-Z list. The roller rink was where everyone went for parties or to hang out with friends on the weekends. I spent many of my weekends and birthdays skating around the roller skating rink, although I never got to take my birthday lap in the big giant skate. It was always broken.

I LOVED to roller skate. I would roller skate up and down my street and to my friend's house down the block, but my favorite place to skate was around my pool. I would put on my Walkman headset, pop in a roller skating mix tape, and skate for hours. Unfortunately, as the years went on, my roller skating took a toll on the chattahoochee (little colored stones) that surrounded the pool. And, I became the official chattahoochee repair girl in my house. It was a small price to pay for hours and hours of fun!

I was also fortunate to have my own pair of roller skates. They were white with pink wheels and pink pom poms. They were sooo awesome! I wish I still had them today.

I did always want to get those really fancy wheels that you could buy at the roller rink. A lot of them had swirls or sparkles in them. The really cool kids had them, but they were way to expensive for a ten-year-old.

I wish I could take a snap shot of that time and keep it that way forever, but times and places change. Last year I found out that the local roller rink where I spent so much of my childhood had been torn down and turned into a Pep Boys. I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach when I heard the news. It was like I had lost one of my best friends. But, I'll always have those special memories of all of the time I spent there and the great times I had with my childhood friends.

So glad others love roller skating as much as I do. There are a lot of roller skating crafts and diy projects to craft. One of my absolute favorites is this super cool Roller Skate Pinata by Oh Happy Day.  Cross stitch a funny roller skate pattern thanks to Nerdy Little Stitcher. Or check out House of Hawthornes to make some pink (or any color) Giant Pom Poms for your skates or just for fun.

photo credits: roller rink / skates

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  1. I did a LOT of roller skating back in the day and I still associate certain songs from that time with skating!

    We also had a big deal with the pom-poms you used to put on your skates...I think I had some to match every outfit!