The 100 Day Project

April 17, 2016

Have you heard about The 100 Day Project? I never had until one of my writing friends posted about it on Facebook. I am coming a bit late to the party, as usual. According to the site, the goal of The 100 Day Project is "to awaken, nurture and sustain your creative spirit though the cultivation of small daily acts for 100 days!" I love that!

I really don't have a lot of time, but I think I need something to get me into a routine for crafting every day and spark my creativity in the process. This seems like the perfect project to do just that.


I thought about doing a crocheted granny square object every day or maybe a felt toy, but that is just too time consuming. I needed to come up with something small that wouldn't take me too long, but would still be crafty. So, after thinking about every craft known to man, I came up with the perfect thing.

My theme for The 100 Day Project is. . .


Starting on Tuesday I will craft one miniature item each day. Some of the items might be cross stitched, embroidered, sewn, beaded, or crocheted, depending on how much time I have. If I follow along every day, by July 27 I should have 100 mini crafts.

Instead of posting each craft on my blog I will do a weekly compilation every Monday. That way you won't be overwhelmed by mini pictures every day, but you will still be able to see my progress. I will also add a page at the top of my blog with links to all 100 of my mini projects.

If you want to join in click, here. Or if you want more information about the project visit the 100 Day Project.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, I had not heard of it, will go take a look.


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