Yarn Palette: Color Stacked

June 03, 2016

It is almost summer, so that means summer reading will soon be in full swing. What better way to start off the summer reading season than with a book inspired yarn palette. 

This month's yarn palette, courtesy of Design Seeds, is called Color Stacked.

Robin's Egg: Lily Sugar 'n Cream
Light Blue: Lily Sugar 'n Cream
Indigo: Lily Sugar 'n Cream
Overcast: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton
Rose Pink: Lily Sugar 'n Cream
Ecru: Lily Sugar 'n Cream

All of the yarn for this palette is Worsted weight cotton with a medium 4 gauge and can be found at Yarnspirations.com.  

I went with a brighter color for the very light blue/green color. It looks like it might match the Geography book in the photo, plus I really like that Robin's Egg blue! Cotton yarn is very sturdy, so I thought this palette would make a cute owl tote bag, pencil case, or gardening cushion.

As always, if there is a color combo from Design Seeds that you’d like for me to match to yarn, just leave me a comment on this color palette post or shoot me an email.

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